Inside-Out Makeover Update!

Inside-Out Makeover Update!

Hi everyone! It’s a little past 1 month post-reveal at the Just For Her Expo, and I wanted to let you know that I’m still going strong!

The entire experience truly was an inside-out makeover in every sense of the word in mind, body, and spirit.

It’s done a TON for me mentally. I’ve re-found my mojo, got my compass back on straight, and I’m feeling confident again. It’s also helped me to realize just how many self-limiting beliefs I really have. I’ve been so headstrong that I couldn’t see them. Many thanks again to Erin Paige who helped me so much with taking a good look back at myself. Not only had I been holding back, I forgot what it was like to just have fun again, and do things just because. I kinda forgot how to LIVE. I also let myself fall into letting a very serious thing own me and make me so serious all the time. No more!! Today I start reading the book Grow: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. Wish me luck as I tell my brain injury we are actually going to do this, even if it takes months!! The first Monday of every month is the Traumatic Brain Injury support group meeting that I attend, and each month we set a new goal. Mine is going to persevere through this book, no matter how many headaches!

It’s definitely improved my body from the inside and out! Whoever masterminded the makeover definitely got this part right! From the nutrition help to Orange Theory to Club Pilates to the personal training sessions with Jason Bell to the Terra Health Market gift card to the Shatto Milk delivery (which I still do!) to the massage to the Sunlighten Solo sauna. They all go hand-in-hand. Orange Theory is still my physical therapy and I’ve been going every week. I’m eternally grateful to their coaches for providing several modification options so that no matter what I’m doing, I can still hang in there. I’m also eternally grateful to Sunlighten for providing the secret weapon: the Solo home sauna!! I can’t remember how much of this I’ve shared before regarding the chronic daily physical pain that I still go through, almost 4 years post-accident. The sauna has provided a ton of relief with pain medication out of my life. It was also approved by my orthopedic surgeon’s office, and endorsed by my massage therapist who I go to for lymphatic massage. I’ve got lymphatic system damage and it is helping a ton to alleviate those issues as well. I honestly don’t know how hard I could have pushed or how great my results would have been without it to climb into several days a week. It’s difficult to explain how life-changing it’s been (if you suffer from chronic issues and have ever used an infrared sauna you know what I mean), and I continue to use it!! It’s a Godsend, and I highly recommend for anyone with similar issues.

And ultimately it’s done so much for my spirit. I don’t know if you remember from earlier on, however I was broken at heart. The last rounds of surgery took it all out of me, and I was lost in a way. The depression and anxiety were kicking in way too much again while I was on the mental struggle bus. Then, my husband wrote the letter to the Inside-Out Makeover. Then it reached the Top 10. Then, all these people both I know and have never met before in my life turned out for the vote!! Knowing that you all could be so touched by my story made my heart sing. It’s always been my hope that if just one person can find their strength by reading and knowing what my husband and I went through together (and continue to go through today), it’s all been worth it. The whole collective package put together turned my life around in ways you all will never know, and I THANK YOU so very much again and again and again!! To all the sponsors and everyone out there that voted and believed in me. I’m still here with you fighting strong, and that has been the greatest gift of all!!

Much love,


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