Event Schedule

Friday Schedule

TimeVendor NameCategoryTitleDescription
5pmMaster HC Kim'sClassWorld Class Tae Kwon Do Demonstration
6pmStretch ZoneClassThe Benefits of Stretching with Stretch Zone
7pmGreen CompassSeminarThe Benefits of CBD

Saturday Schedule

TimeVendor NameCategoryTitleDescription
11amRadiate WellnessSeminarTrusting Your GutSteve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect.” Albert Einstein called it "the only real valuable thing." Intuition is the innate intelligence that allows us to see ahead of the curve, to generate creative ideas, and to guide us to greater success. We are all born with it, and we can learn ways to hone and trust it. Learn how intuition works for you personally--your intuition "style"--and how to use it. In this program, learn how to recognize your intuition, when to listen to it, and how to trust it. You'll also learn what kills intuition and how to strengthen it.
12pmClub PilatesClassMat Pilates ClassThis Mat Pilates class that strengthens & lengthens your entire body, focusing on your core muscles while also training your arms and legs. Pilates is an effective, low impact workout. It improves your posture, it helps with recovery with back pain and other injuries by strengthening your affected areas. If you're looking to tone up and stretch out, Club Pilates offers several classes at all levels.
1pmIlluminessence OrganicsSeminarGround, Connect and ListenLearn the importance of connecting to Mother Nature, grounding on the earth and using her to heal all areas of your life.
2pmElite Martial ArtsClassFamily Friendly Self Defense ClassElite will be presenting a family-friendly self-defense class. This presentation will teach valuable basic self-defense techniques
that can be effective for all ages! Please come and watch as our Instructors do a self-defense demonstration.
3pmJuice PlusSeminarNo soil, No green thumb, No problem! Grow your own produce year-round!During times like these, knowing how to grow your own food is one of the most rewarding and valuable skills to have. Find out how simple it is to go from seed to harvest with the Tower Garden.
4pmAspiria Fitness CenterClassDance FitnessCalling everyone who likes to have fun and sweat!! This class is sure to keep your heart rate pumping and your feet moving. Format will contain a variety of moves from Pop to Hip Hop. Lace up those dancin’ shoes and we’ll meet you there! No equipment needed!