Blog #5 – Progress Update!

Blog #5 – Progress Update!

Happy Wednesday! SOooooooo much has happened over the past two weeks, I’m not entirely sure where to start, except the Inside-Out Makeover has been a huge blessing and Godsend. It’s certainly working!! This picture is my progress as of this morning!! The countdown is on, and I’m thrilled to see where I end up!! I believe we are right about the halfway point?

I do want to express a thank you with being patient with these blog posts. The concussion I received during the accident left me with a TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury), and around the time of my last blog post, it was declared that we have exhausted every medical avenue possible and not to expect any more significant progress. Although I knew that day was coming, it still affected me more than I would realize. However as always, I might get down, but never out! I’ve still been out here fighting. Even so, writing is a continued challenge. One I’m definitely up for, however still a challenge! And so writing kind of happens in spurts.

I’m still going to A Greater You, Orange Theory, and Club Pilates, and have worked a schedule to make sure I get time in with everyone, every week. The combination of these different approaches has done wonders… I’m certain I’ve located every possible muscle in my body! I feel so much leaner, stronger, and healthier than I have in a long time.

Thank goodness for Essence Hooks who donated the massage- she was there when I needed it most. I absolutely adore her, and she’s amazing! Essence worked out the pain and stiffness that had accumulated through the first half of the makeover. Thank you so very much! I’ll be back again! This is me absolutely glowing and relaxed after my session with Essence!

AND the Sunlighten Solo System arrived last week!! My next post is where I’ll tell you all about it. The Solo System is a ah-mazing!!


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