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The Good Living Expo was founded in 2018 by Aimee Jacobson, Owner of Just For Her Expo, Inc. The local Kansas City event company has produced the Just For Her Event since 2008 and the Chick Event brand since 2014. With over a decade in the event business, she knew it was time for Kansas City to experience a health and fitness event unlike any other in the area.  After a successful 2019 first event that featured booths catering towards fitness, natural beauty, nutrition and diet, weight-loss and both physical and mental health, an annual tradition was born!

The Good Living Expo isn’t meant to just entertain, it was created as interactive, experiential events, which highlight the importance of “living the good life” through staying fit, active and healthy. We are in the business of changing lifestyles and creating healthier, happier and more confident people!

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